Tip of the Hats

T-Shirt designs for the Teespring campaign to fundraise for Children's Oncology Services Inc. and their program One Step Camp. Enamel pin design produced as a donation incentive.

Character model skin concepts provided for two international Team Fortress 2 teams attending Insomnia 55 (2015) and 58 (2016). Skins were used to allow viewers to differentiate between the six teams participating in the competition.


Chat emoticons for various clients to be used on


Concepts for 'Violet', a game project collaboration with UC Santa Cruz's game development program. 'Violet' is a psychological horror game focusing on exploring the titular character's nightmares.

Hell on Earth

'Hell on Earth' is a story project created in BFA 2015 to practice creating a show pitch. The story involves a college student who has suddenly been tasked to care for a demon he accidentally summons to earth.